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2014 04-10

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition (Issue117 March 2012)

Laws & Regulations Update

►Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China

►Notice of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on Relevant Problems Relating to Foreign Exchange Administration on Participation in Stock Incentive Plan of Overseas Listed Companies by Domestic Individuals

►“No.1 Guidelines on Supervision and Administration of Listed Companies – Supervision and Administration Requirements on Uncovered Deficit after Material Reorganization of Listed Companies” Announced by CSRC

Grandall Special Report

►Discussion on Examination of Mortgage Registration of State-Owned Land Use Right

Media Selection

►Interpretation to the Criminal Procedure Law (Amended)

Case Study

►Top 10 Conciliation Cases Handled by the PRC Courts

►How to Deal with the Conflicts between Covenants under Employment Contracts and Company Policies and Procedures

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest

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