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2014 03-10

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 140 / February 2014)

Laws & Regulations Update

►Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Amending Seven Laws including the Company Law of the PRC

►The State Council Publishes Decision on Repealing and Revising Certain Administrative Regulations

►The State Council Releases the Circular on Printing and Issuing the Reform Proposals for the Registered Capital Registration System

►The Decision of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Revising the Implementing Rules on the Administrative Regulations on the Registration of Corporate Legal Persons, the Administrative Provisions on the Registration of Foreign-invested Partnerships, the Administrative Measures for the Registration of Sole Proprietorships, the Administrative Measures for the Registration of Individual Industrial and Commercial Businesses and Other Regulations

►Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission and other Five Commissions Jointly Release the Implementing Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Shanghai State-owned Multi-national Companies

Grandall Special Report

►Opinions on the Amendments to Company Law of PRC in 2013 and Reform Plan of Registration System

Media Selection

►Protection of Claim for the Dividends Distribution

Case Study

►Whether the withdrawal of registered capital constitutes a condition to rescind an agreement

►The validity of covenant on waiving the claim for default damages adjustment

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Business Digest


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