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2016 10-1

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 171 / September 2016)

Laws & Regulations Update

■CSRC Released the Decision on Revising the Administrative Measures for the Material Asset Reorganization of Listed Companies

■CSRC Released Guidelines on the Operation of Publicly Offered Securities Investment Funds No. 2  Guidelines on Funds of Funds

■CSRC Released Several Provisions on the Interconnection Mechanism for Mainland and Hong Kong Stock Markets

Grandall Special Report

■Study of the administrative measures for the material asset reorganization of listed companies

■Legal issues in the administration of state-owned assets in an enterprise

■Solution to the inconformity in the use of properties in a M&A transaction of listed company

■Compliance issues in withholding social insurances

■Solution to depreciation of wealth

Media Selection

■Study of law application in insider dealing

■Study of punitive compensations provisions in the Trademark Law

Case Study        

■Review and procedure of registration authority’s cancellation of filing information requested by the supervisor of a company

■The scope of breach of pre-contracts without provisions for liquidated damages

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