• Education:MBA、L.L.B
  • Location:Nanjing
  • Tel:+86 025 89660907
  • Fax:+86 025 89660933
Practice Areas

  • Finance
  • Securities
  • Real Estate
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Corporate
  • Litigation & Non-Litigation

Professional Experience

  • Having a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, Mr. Che Jie enjoys a high reputation in Jiangsu legal circle and the society. He excels in litigation and non-litigation business concerning financial, securities, real estate, foreign affairs and company law and many of his civil and commercial cases have exerted great impact on the whole province and even the country. For instance, the futures trading dispute of a large commodity exchange, the credit dispute of Jiangsu International Business Department of a large state-owned commercial bank, and the commercial secrets case of a large chemical group Jiangsu Province;
  • Acting as perennial legal adviser for nearly 50 enterprises and institutions and drawing extensive experience in corporate legal business especially like asset restructuring and equity acquisition. Major projects including: representing a Changzhou company as the Chinese party in the acquisition and establishment of a joint venture project with an American company; representing a Chinese company in the acquisition conducted by COFCO Corporation (the target amount up to RMB2 billion); representing an Anhui company for its indirect transfer of domestic joint venture equity through the sale of the two BVI companies; representing a large geological exploration bureau to conduct cross-border acquisitions; representing Kaiyuan Group in its equity acquisition of Wanning Yuehai Mining Co., Ltd.; representing a provincial state-owned key enterprise in its equity acquisition of a mineral company; representing Jiangsu Xingrong High-Tech Co., Ltd. for its acquisition by U.S. Mueller Inc. and their establishment of a joint venture (with the whole investment amount USD90 million); and representing Fengyuan Group for its indirect equity transfer of Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. through the sale of the two BVI companies(Expert Assets & Resistor Technology);
  • Over the years, Mr. Che has made selfless contributions and a lot of fruitful efforts to play a constructive role as a lawyer and adviser to the government without regarding personal gains, and to publicize and promote the lawyer's good social image. In 2007, many influential events in the world happened in Jiangsu province, including "pet food", "toothpaste problem" incident and "TD glycerol". Appointed by Jiangsu Bar Association, Mr. Che served as the legal adviser to the government of Jiangsu Province, and actively cooperated with relevant departments by participating in the coordination meetings and legal analysis meetings. His professional advice concerning the legal issues has won affirmation and praise from the provincial leaders, which greatly facilitates the smooth solution of related events, and establishes a good image of the lawyers.
  • In addition, Mr. Che actively offers legal services in foreign affairs and representing many large Chinese enterprises to assist the U.S. attorneys in the lawsuits before federal court in the United States, which have achieved good results, for example, successfully proposing the transfer to Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission FOR jurisdiction in the pretrial procedure; acting as the agent for Chinese enterprises to require U.S. Federal Court executing the arbitration of Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; representing the domestic enterprises to tackle the investigation of the 337 case proposed by US companies at the Federal Trade Commission. The litigation and arbitration of a well-known domestic car enterprise handled by Mr. Che in the U.S. Federal Court and Hong Kong International Arbitration Center concerned nearly 20 billion dollars, marking the highest valuet in Chinese enterprises as defendant in foreign countries. His action for a bank in London Maritime Arbitration Association (LMAA) successfully rejected all the application for arbitration of the applicant, and the bank was exempted from the liability for payment of the letter of guarantee, which maintained the bank's interests to the greatest extent.

Work Experience

  • Managing Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing)
  • Director, Jiangsu Jinding Yingjie Law Firm
  • Leader, Jiangsu Jingji Law Firm
  • Lawyer Management Agency, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice

Education Background

  • MBA, Nanjing University
  • L.L.B, East China University of Political Science and Law

Professional Affiliations

  • Vice-President, Jiangsu Bar Association
  • Director, Committee of Review, Jiangsu Bar Association
  • President, Jiangsu Bar Association Straight Branch
  • Member, Special Committee of Information Network & High Technology, All China Lawyer Association
  • Member, Special Committee of Arbitration, All China Lawyer Association

Other Titles & Positions

  • Leader, Legal Adviser Group, Jiangsu Federation of Industry & Commerce
  • Director, Working Committee of Legal Service, Internet Society of Jianagsu Province
  • Director, Legal Document Writing Branch, China Law Society
  • Member, Expert Advisory Committee of Administrative Reconsideration of Jiangsu Provincial Government
  • Director, Jiangsu Enterprise Internationalization Fund Council
  • Director, Jiangsu Association of Friendship and International Exchanges (JAFIE)
  • Member, International Business Advisory Committee, JAFIE
  • Standing Director, Intellectual Property Branch, Jiangsu Law Society
  • Case Reviewer, Joint Conference on Dynamic Analysis of Legal Research and Legal Practice of Jiangsu Province
  • Arbitrator, Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC)
  • Arbitrator, Nanjing Arbitration Committee & Suzhou Arbitration Committee
  • Independent Director, NARI Technology Co., Ltd.

Honor & Recognition

  • The 1st “Top 10 Legal Figure” in Jiangsu Province
  • “Outstanding Alumni” of East China University of Political Science and Law
  • “National Excellent Lawyer of Year 2005-2007” by All China Lawyer Association
  • “Famous Lawyer in Jiangsu Province” by Jiangsu Bar Association
  • “Excellent Lawyer in Jiangsu Province” & “Top 10 Lawyer” by Jiangsu Bar Association
  • “Top 10 Lawyer” by Jiangsu Bar Association Straight Branch
  • “Top 10 Arbitrator” by Nanjing Arbitration Committee


  • Improving the Trial System and Mode & Constructing the Positive Interaction between the Judge and the Lawyer, published on Jin Ling Fa Yuan
  • Issues on the Use of Electronic Evidence in Commercial Secrets, and Exploration on Legal Issues in “Yu E Bao” published on The frontier of Information Network and High and New Technology
  • Strategies for Chinese Lawyers to Tackle Foreign Intellectual Property Litigation on China Lawyers Intellectual Property Forum
  • Confidence and Strategy - The Inspiration of Successful Response to the 337 Investigation Case on China Lawyers Intellectual Property Forum
  • Article Legal Issues Concerning the Service Jurisdiction of Foreign Litigation of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises on the annual meeting of International Committee of All China Lawyer Association

Professional Qualification

  • Independent Director of Listed Company


  • Chinese、English

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