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2014 01-27

Grandall Maintaining the 1st Position in Chinese Security Markets


 27 January 2014——Based upon the data public available and disclosed by CSRC, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, Grandall Research Institute released its conclusion on Grandall’s performance in Chinese securities markets in 2013 (review and examination for IPO was suspended this year) in the fields of public additional issuance, placement, material assets reorganization, non-public offering, purchase of assets through shares issuance, convertible bonds and corporate bonds, which are subject to the administrative permission from CSRC.  Grandall came first in public additional issuance, placement, non-public offering, convertible bonds and corporate bonds with market share at 16.67%, 40%, 12.42%, 12.5% and 12.77% respectively, and was tied third with the rate of 4.55% in material assets reorganization.

Grandall, with the market share at 11% in 2013, maintains a leading position by topping the overall ranking of Chinese securities markets.

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