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2019 03-21

Paula YU, Winner of ‘ALB China 2019 Top 15 M&A Lawyers


Asian Legal Business (ALB) announced the winners of the “China 2019 Top 15 M&A Lawyers”.  Paula YU, partner of Grandall Shanghai, is one of these fifteen winners.


Paula, with legal education background and lawyer licenses in both China and the United States, has been engaging in the fields of cross-border M&A and overseas investment for sixteen years, and drawn extensive experience therefrom.  She has represented numerous clients in their cross-border M&A projects, including without limitation, Yinyi Group’s two acquisition projects valued over EURO 1 billion and RMB 1.5 billion respectively, Wangsu Science and Technology’s acquisition of CDNetwork up to USD 200 million and Hunan Dakang’s USD 250 million acquisition of an agricultural trading company in Brazil.


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