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2019 05-10

Grandall Lawyers Participate in Translating the “Legal Environment Report of the ‘Belt and Road’ Countries”

In late April, 2018, Volumes III and IV of the Legal Environment Report of the “Belt and Road” Countries (the “Report”) were officially published by Peking University Press. All-China Lawyers’ Association (ACLA) launched this program in 2016, and organized Chinese and foreign lawyers to jointly compile the series, aiming to introduce the basic legal systems and the legal environment of countries along the Belt and Road and to promote the lawyers’ participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.


The Report, being the third and fourth volumes of the series, includes reports on the legal environment of 38 countries along the Belt and Road, involving fields such as investment, trade, labor, environmental protection, intellectual property rights and dispute resolution. Six Grandall lawyers participated in compiling Volumes III and IV of the Report. Chen Xuebin and Tao Haiying, partners of Grandall Shanghai, Hu Jing, partner of Grandall Beijing, Xie Xianghui, partner of Grandall Shenzhen, Zhao Junxi, a lawyer of Grandall Chengdu, and Jin Xiao, partner of Grandall Changsha, respectively coordinate the compilation of reports regarding Montenegro, Australia, Albania, Nigeria, Panama and Italy.


The contents of the Report are sourced from Band 1 law firms of the target countries recommended by Chambers, and have provided an accurate interpretation of the legal system of the countries. The publication of the Report is conducive to enhancing the understanding of the legal environment of the B&R countries by the political, business and academic circles of China, offers legal support to Chinese enterprises for their investment, cooperation and development in such countries, and also helps to build an international network for the legal service cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road, gather those top-tier lawyers offering international legal services in such countries, and to provide support for China to further advance the Belt and Road Initiative.


Since ACLA’s launch of this project, Grandall lawyers have been actively participating in the preparation of the Report. As early as Peking University Press published Volumes I and II of the Report in June, 2017, a total of seven Grandall lawyers participated in the compilation thereof. Huang Ningning, Chen Xuebin and Tao Haiying, partners of Grandall Shanghai, Chen Fayun, partner of Grandall Nanjing, Bai Xianyue, partner of Grandall Tianjin, Xu Wenli, partner of Grandall Shijiazhuang, and Hu Jing, partner of Grandall Beijing, are responsible for the preparation of the report regarding Slovakia, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Croatia and Pakistan respectively.


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