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2019 05-6

Grandall Provided Professional Service for Guomao’s IPO


The 32nd meeting of the 18th Public Offering Review Committee of CSRC was held on April 30, 2019, and the initial public offering and listing project of Jiangsu Guomao Reducer Co., Ltd., to which Grandall Beijing served as legal counsel, has been approved by the Public Offering Review Committee of CSRC.


Guomao Reducer was Initially formed in 1993, and Jiangsu Guomao Reducer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guomao”) was established on March 21, 2013. It is a company engaged in the manufacturing of general equipment and its main business is the research, development, production and sale of reducers. After over two decades of development, “Guomao” brand is well known in the reducer industry and widely recognized by customers. The trademark “Guomao” has been recognized as a “Famous Trademark of China”. Guomao has also been awarded “Jiangsu Famous Brand Products”, “Five-Star Enterprise” and other honours. The company has deep technology accumulation, and possesses modularized design technology, lean production technology and other core technologies. Through its advanced modularized design technology, it is able to form many different structures and transmission ratios to enhance product diversity. Guomao has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise, and many kinds of its products have been identified as high-tech products.


Grandall Beijing was retained as the legal counsel to the issuer of this project. The professional team consists of Yang Juan, managing partner of Grandall Beijing, partner Li Bo, lawyers Lu Ying and Wang Shuxian, and legal assistant Zhou Long. Grandall’s professional team has provided strong legal support for Guomao’s IPO, made full efforts to assist the company in completing the design of IPOS plan, listing guidance, compliance regulation and other substantial legal matters, and fulfilled the relevant compliance requirements for the IPO. Grandall lawyers’ professional, efficient, diligent and conscientious legal services have won high recognition from the client and other relevant organizations offering service for this project.

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